Research Community Advisory Board (RCAB)

The purpose of Research Community Advisory Board (RCAB) is to:

  • provide advice about social, ethical and communal matters regarding the conduct of clinical research, and
  • make connections between researchers and various community groups.

The members of the RCAB have been chosen to reflect the racial, ethnic and religious diversity of the New York region. Ultimately, the RCAB strives to ensure that Feinstein Institute researchers continue to appreciate the diverse concerns of the communities with whom they interact, and also that those communities recognize the importance of the research in which they are asked to participate.

For more information about RCAB members, click here.  If you would like more information about RCAB, contact Gila Klein, RCAB coordinator at

rcab-groupThe RCAB meets every other month in each calendar year. The following upcoming meetings are scheduled for 2015:

January 14
March 11
May 13
July 8
September 9
November 11