Cancer is a broad group of various diseases that start because abnormal cells grow out of control. Instead of dying, cancer cells continue to grow and form new, abnormal cells. Cancer cells can also grow into other tissues, something that normal cells cannot do. There are over 200 different known cancers that afflict humans. While cancer can affect people of all ages, and a few types of cancer are more common in children, the risk of developing cancer generally increases with age.

Feinstein Institute researchers are making strides in advancing our understanding and treatment of several types of cancer, including breast and ovarian cancers, brain tumors, chronic lymphocytic leukemia, respiratory papillomas, osteogenic sarcomas, kidney, and prostate cancers.

Feinstein Institute investigators conducting cancer research include Steven AllenLionel BlancJohn A. BoockvarDaniel R. BudmanNicholas Chiorazzi; Richard Alan FurieGloria Y.F. HoLouis R. KavoussiJonathan E. KolitzJian Yi LiAnnette T. Lee; Jeffrey M. LiptonJohnson M. LiuJohn LovecchioChristine MetzJill Maura RabinKanti R. RaiRosamaria Ruggieri; Sam Soffer; Michael SchulderBarbara SherryHenry Simpkins; Bettie M. SteinbergMarc Symons and Sarah R. Vaiselbuh.