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Medical Marvels 2014


The North Shore-LIJ Medical Marvels Program was established in 2013 by The Feinstein Institute for Medical Research and the Center for Workforce Readiness. The purpose is to encourage Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) career pathways for Long Island High School Students in 9th and 10th grades. The 2014 competition will be the second year of this program.

NOTE: This competition is open to all and students do NOT need to be in structured science research programs.

The Challenge

Respondents to this proposal are presented with the following hypothetical scenario to which teams must present a comprehensive response plan including a technological/engineering component, a scientific research assessment, and public policy (public health and communication) strategy addressing the following three time frames.

Before the storm:

You are the mayor of an urban center in a US costal community and have been monitoring a developing storm for about a week. You received reports from the National Weather Service that the storm has developed and will make landfall within the next 36-48 hours and will likely have become a Category 1-2 hurricane by that time. Your community falls within a likely path of the storm, what should you do to prepare?

The immediate aftermath:

The storm hits your community on August 28th 2013 and was underestimated, registering as a category 3 hurricane at landfall. You sought and received a declaration of a state of emergency on August 27th. The storm brought winds of 125mph, and devastating damage including the destruction of businesses, the loss of a major healthcare provider, damaged homes and buildings, tremendous flooding, impassable roads, hundreds of downed trees and a loss of power and water, food sources are scarce and roads impassable. Your town is distraught and looking for help and aid. What do you do?

Plans for Long Term Recovery:

It is 8 months after the storm, and much of the immediate damage has been cleaned up, however many houses have been completely destroyed, either torn apart by the wind, smashed by falling trees, or are unlivable due to flooding. There have been cases of mold as well as an increase in disease from the people living in the shelters. Businesses are struggling to recover and at least one healthcare facility remains off line. How do you move your town forward and get back to normal? Many people are asking, could some of the devastation been avoided? What can be done to improve infrastructure so this does not happen again?

Each team must develop a plan which uses a technological/engineering component, a scientific research assessment, and public policy (public health and communication) strategy in a multidisciplinary team approach.


• The winning team will receive a $1,800 scholarship
• The second place team will receive a $1,000 scholarship
• The third place team will receive a $500 scholarship


Eligible applicants include any NYS accredited educational institution in Nassau or Suffolk County. Each eligible institution which responds to this Letter of intent will be asked to identify at least 1 multi-disciplinary team of students and a faculty mentor.

All student team members must be in 9th or 10th grade and each eligible institution may submit 2 teams per school not to exceed 12 students in total. For example an institution may submit 1 team of 6 students or 2 teams of 6 students, or teams of fewer students. Schools will be required to identify a team lead for each section and schools are encouraged to look for students in formal and informal science programs as well as students who may be in programs outside traditionally labeled science research programs such students in social studies or technology tracked courses. Eligible institutions may create collaborative teams across districts and schools; however each school district may only submit 2 teams per high school.

Deadline/Important Dates

December 1, 2013: Letter of Intent due, submit to cwr@nshs.edu
December 2, 2013: Application, forms, and directions will be sent to schools that submitted Letters of Intent
December 9, 2013: Webinar for mentors and advisors
February 14, 2014: Written report submitted for judging
March 14, 2014: Daytime report and awards presentation (requires field trip from class)

For more information

• E-mail Center for Workforce Readiness at North Shore-LIJ at cwr@nshs.edu.
Feinstein Institute press release regarding the 2013 event
Huntington School District press release regarding the 2012- 2013 event

Submission Requirements

Letters of Intent will be due December 1, 2013, should be signed by the appropriate building principal(s) or district administrator and may be submitted to the Center for Workforce Readiness at North Shore-LIJ at cwr@nshs.edu.

The Letter of intent should be submitted on institutional letterhead, is not binding and should include the following 3 sections:

1) a brief history of the school district and its programs in STEM education,
2) a concise description of the programs that will be leveraged for this project and how students will be selected for participation, and
3) identification of a designated faculty representative (including contact information) for the program at the school.

For questions or more information please contact the Center for Workforce Readiness at North Shore-LIJ at cwr@nshs.edu.

For additional information, please visit: http://www.feinsteininstitute.org/medical-marvels/

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Medical Marvels


Free – by invitation only due to limited space.

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Center for Workforce Readiness at North Shore-LIJ

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