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Marsh Lecture

The Marsh Lecture is given by other renowned scientists who share their expertise and establish collaborations with Feinstein Institute investigators. The lecture is scheduled for Wednesday, April 3, 2013 and will be held at the Goldman International Conference Center in the Feinstein Institute.

More details regarding this year’s Marsh Lecture event will be posted shortly.

List of Speakers from past Lectures:

2012 – Tadatsuga Taniguchi, PhD
“The regulation of signaling pathways and gene Expression in cytokine-mediated immune responses”

2012 – Michael P. Stryker, PhD
“Rewiring the Brain: Mechanisms of Competition, Plasticity and Recovery of Function in the Mammalian Cortex”

2011 – Ralph M. Steinman, MD
“Vaccines that Mobilize Dendritic Cells”

2010 – Laurie M. Glimcher, MD
“Inflammatory Diseases Regulated by T-bet”

2009 – Shizuo Akira, MD, PhD
“Mammalian Innate Immune System”

2008 – Richard P. Lifton, MD, PhD
“Genes for Heart, Kidney and Bone Disease: New Insight from Human Genetic Studies”

2007 – Elizabeth Blackburn, PhD
“Telomeres and Telomerase in Human Health and Disease”

2006 – Charles A. Dinarello, MD
“IL-32, A New Proinflammatory Cytokine and Possible Agonist in Disease”

2005 – Jan Andersson, MD
“The Role of Regulatory T Cells in the Pathogenesis of HIV”