Meng Zhang, PhD

Associate Research Statistician, Biostatistics Unit, The Feinstein Institute for Medical Research

Adjunct Assistant Professor, Department of Health Professions, Hofstra Northwell School of Medicine

Phone: (516) 562-0300

About the Investigator

Dr. Zhang is currently an Associate Research Statistician at Feinstein Institute for Medical Research, Northwell Health. She collaborates with the physicians, fellows and other researchers in Department of Medicine, North Shore University Hospital in their medical research. Specifically, she provides statistical consulting services and perform statistical duties including study design, data management, data manipulation and statistical analysis.

Dr. Zhang writes statistical sections for protocols, grant applications and medical papers. She also develops statistical methodologies to solve unique statistical problems. Previously, she was a Biostatistician at the Department of Medicine, Hospital for Special Surgery and Associate Research Scientist at New York University School of Medicine. She obtained her PhD in Biostatistics from the Department of Population Health, at New York University.

Research Focus

Dr. Zhang’s research interest includes multilevel modelling, longitudinal analysis, survival analysis, clinical trials, meta-analysis and machine learning. Currently, She conducts research about linking US Census Bureau census-tract level socioeconomic data with patient level data simply by patient addresses, to identify risk factors at both levels for treatment outcomes through multilevel models. She is also conducting research in capture-recapture modeling to estimate the population size of certain diseases in defined areas and the population mean of covariates.


New York University
Degree: PhD
Field of Study: Biostatistics

Washington State University
Degree: MS
Field of Study: Statistics

University of New Brunswick
Degree: MA
Field of Study: Economics

Nankai University
Degree: BA
Field of Study: Economics

Honors and Awards

2005-2011 Fellowship, Division of Biostatistics, New York University, New York, NY

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