Ravi Sharaf, MD, MS

Assistant Professor of Medicine, Hofstra Northwell School of Medicine

Phone: (516) 387-3990
Email: rsharaf@northwell.edu

About the Investigator

Dr. Sharaf is a gastroenterologist with a clinical focus on the care of patients with hereditary gastrointestinal cancer syndromes. His experiences in genetics, gastroenterology, health services research, and clinical-guideline development have led to a singular career goal. Dr. Sharaf aims to become an independent health services researcher who studies the comparative effectiveness of cancer prevention and treatment strategies, refines cancer risk and prognosis estimates, and develops evidence-based practice guidelines and quality metrics. His wish is to develop particular expertise in decision analysis and Markov modeling, as it relates to cancer.

Research Focus

Comparative Effectiveness Research

Genomic Medicine

Translating Evidence to Clinical Practive Guidelines


Standford University
Degree: MS

New York University
Degree: MD

Georgetown University
Degree: BS

Honors and Awards

2015 American Academy of Medical Colleges Executive Development Seminar for Aspiring Leaders
2014 Academy Health Delivery Systems Science Fellow
2014 National Society for Genetic Counselors Cancer Research Award
2013 Greater New York Hospital Association Clinical Quality Fellowship
2010 ASGE Pentax Advanced Fellows Video Award. Mentor: Sapna Syngal MD MS
2009 ASGE Video Editing Scholarship
2002-2003 NYU School of Medicine Clinical Research Grant. Mentor: Elizabeth Weinshel MD
2001-2002 Rotary International Ambassadorial Scholar, Seville, Spain
1999-2000 New York City Albert Schweitzer Fellow
1997-1998 NIH Predoctoral Intramural Research Training Award, Mentor: Francis Collins, MD PhD
1997 Phi Beta Kappa
1997 Magna cum laude
1997 Sigma Xi (National Scientific Research Honorary Society)
1997 Alpha Sigma Nu (National Jesuit Honorary Society)

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  4. Ghosh S, Watanabe RM, Sharaf R, Bergman RN, Collins FS, Boehnke M. “The Finland-United States Investigation of Non-Insulin Dependent Diabetes Mellitus (FUSION) Genetics Study I. An Autosomal Genome Scan for Genes that Predispose to Type 2 Diabetes.” Am J Hum Genet. 2000; 67(5): 1174-1185

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