Outcomes Research

Outcomes research is medical research that investigates the outcomes of health care practices. It studies the end results of health services and takes into account patients’ experiences, preferences, and values. Outcomes research is intended to provide scientific evidence relating to decisions made by all who participate in health care.

Feinstein Institute researchers are conducting outcomes research in a variety of medical areas that include pathology and clinical laboratory, psychiatry, palliative care for patients in Intensive Care Unit and their families, treatment of hepatitis C and congestive heart failure, neonatal-perinatal medicine, asthma, obesity and diabetes. The goals of these studies range from the assessment of patient adherence to medical recommendations and assessment of risk factors for disease to investigations in basic and molecular science.

Feinstein Institute  investigators conducting outcomes research include Cathy Budman; Daniel J. Coletti; James M. Crawford; John M. Kane; Myriam Kline; Nina Kohn; Martin L. LesserThomas McGinn; Renee Pekmezaris; Jill Maura Rabin; Richard J. Schanler; Charles L. Schleien; Robert A. Silverman; Cristina Sison; Phyllis W. Speiser; James Tsang and Andrea Vambutas.