How can I add new personnel or amend responsibilities of personnel?

To add personnel to an experimental protocol or modify responsibilities of approved personnel, complete a Request to Modify Form and submit to submissions@northwell.edu. Program participation requirements must be completed prior to submission. Approved personnel will be cleared to request training and facility access.

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How long is IACUC approval valid for?

Protocols are approved for a maximum 3-year period, subject to annual review. Once the term of approval expires, the study is effectively closed. To continue studies, submit a protocol outlining experiments to be performed in the next 3-year approval term along with a 1-2 page summary describing progress toward completion of the proposed study (at least 3 months prior to the term expiration date).

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What are the annual review requirements?

Continuing review of ongoing animal related activities is a requirement imposed by the Public Health Service Policy (PHS Policy) and United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) animal welfare regulations. Submission of an annual review progress summary to the IACUC Office is required.  Forms are distributed annually on a project specific basis by the IACUC office.

What are the requirements for participation in animal based research at Northwell Health?

Regulatory Training (CITI Program)
All individuals involved in animal care and use must be appropriately qualified to perform their duties and conduct proposed activities. Northwell Health uses the Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI) web based training program. If you have not utilized CITI before, create a new account by visiting citiprogram.org. Your affiliation is “Northwell Health.” Under “My Learner Tools for Northwell Health” click on “Add a Course.” Answer all the questions to be automatically enrolled into the required courses. For more information on accessing the CITI Program, click here.

Enrollment in Occupational Health & Safety Program
All individuals participating in animal based research must enroll in the Occupational Health & Safety Program. This includes pre-placement medical evaluation.

  • Visiting faculty: Must be on-boarded through human resources and are subject to the same program participation requirements as regular employees. This includes completing a Health Questionnaire – Individuals Engaged in the Care and Use of Research Animals. Clearance from Employee Health Services (EHS) must be obtained prior to participating. This is an annual requirement. Submit to ehs@northwell.edu.

External Interest Disclosure (COI)
Individuals responsible for the design, conduct or reporting of research are required to report annually any potential conflict of interest and update any changes within 30 days of acquiring a new significant interest in order to comply with federal and state laws. Complete an External Interest Disclosure (COI) electronically through COI Smart at least once a year, or within 30 days of any new significant financial interest. Disclosures will be reviewed by the Office of Research Compliance and sent to the Conflict of Interest Committee (COIC) for review if required.

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Non-employees conducting research at or on behalf of Northwell Health are required to comply with institutional policies pertaining to conflicts of interest. Researchers that are not employed by Northwell Health (e.g. students, volunteers, collaborators) for whom a disclosure is required must submit a request for access to COI Smart. Please submit your request to coi@northwell.edu.

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