Clinical Research Services

Learn more about Clinical Research Billing, Regulations and Coverage analysis.

Northwell Health research billing brochure

Our mission is to facilitate the conduct of high-quality patient-centered research at Northwell Health. We offer enterprise-wide operational solutions and assist Investigators in all aspects of clinical research to develop and implement clinical research by providing resources, personnel, fiscal review, and operational guidance. We strive to enhance the research capabilities at the health system by providing a centralized infrastructure to:

  • Provide solutions to develop and implement clinical research.
  • Implement and coordinate the activities of designated group of studies.
  • Provide administrative guidance to facilitate the conduct clinical research.
  • Ensure fiscal management with an emphasis on front-end budget analysis and monitoring of the billing process.
  • Improve awareness and provide strategies to improve recruitment and retention.

Developing new medications to treat patients is a lot of work. In this video, learn about all of the steps necessary to bring new therapies developed in medical research all the way into clinical care.


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Clinical Research Service
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