IRB Submission Instructions

Is it Research?

Use the Human Subjects Research Determination form if you would like the IRB to determine whether or not your project requires IRB review.

Instructions for submitting through IRBManager

How to sign off as Department Chair How to submit a Progress Report
How to submit a Final Report How to submit a Modification
(including personnel changes)
How to submit a Reportable Event How to submit a Chart Review
How to submit an Exempt New Study How to submit an Expedited or
Full Board New Study
How to submit a Request
to use an External IRB
How to respond to a Contingent Approval or Deferral
How to submit a Human Subjects
Research Determination Request Form
How to submit an Umbrella Grant Application
How to submit an Emergency
Use of a Test Article
How to submit a Humanitarian
Use Device Application

Instructions for New Studies

How to Submit…

How to Create…

Exempt Research

Chart Review

New Study (Expedited or Full Board)

Study Documents:
Protocol, Consent, or Recruitment Materials
(e.g., Flyer, Poster, etc.)

Who to Obtain Signatures from…

Facility Approval

Department Chair Approval

List of Executive Directors

 Service Line Administrative Leads 
List of Service Line Leads for MCC and
Ambulatory/PAANS sites Facility Approval

Northwell Health:
Department Chairs and Assistants

SIUH Dept Chairs and
Ancillary Representatives

Additional Institutional Approvals (if applicable):

Radiation Safety Officers and Institutional Committee Contacts

Instructions for Previously Approved Research

How to Report…

How to…

Reportable Events such as:

Protocol Deviations, Unanticipated Problems Involving Risks to Subjects, or Serious Adverse Events

Modify a Study

Renew a Study

Close a Study

How Long Does it Take for Review?

Click here to view our response time metrics.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page about the IRB submission and review process, informed consent issues, SAEs, etc.

Helpful Submission Tools

  • IRB Toolkit – This toolkit includes guidance on how to submit new study protocols to the IRB, as well as how to determine whether a study may be research or quality improvement/assurance, and if research qualifies for exemption or expedited review.
  • Submit It! Card – 8 helpful tips on submitting to the IRB.
  • Top 10 Tips for reducing the length of IRB review and approval process.
  • For information on collecting protected health information (PHI) in research, and storing data electronically, please click here.

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