How to Renew a Study

How to Apply for Continuing Review and Approval

Step 1: Click HRPP Policies and Procedures to review guidance on continuing review and approval for ongoing studies.
Step 2: Prepare the following for submission:
  • Application for Continuing Review form located on our IRB Forms page
  • Ensure all active study personnel are listed in the Education/Researcher Registration section of the form and that all personnel’s education and conflict of interest disclosures are up to date

If Applicable, also include the following with your submission

  • Any other applicable forms as indicated in the Application for Continuing Review (e.g., Protocol Deviation Log and/or Reportable Event Form)
  • If your study has a DSMB/DSMC, include the report or memo from all meetings in the past approval period that have not yet been submitted to the IRB
  • The most recently approved version of the consent form
  • The signed consent(s) for the 2 most recently enrolled subjects.
    • Each page of the consent must be submitted, rather than just the signature page.
    • If no one has been enrolled in the past approval period, there is no need to submit signed consent forms from past approval periods.
Step 3: Submit completed Application for Continuing Review with all supplemental documents (if applicable) to the IRB.

 How to Close a Study

Step 1: Determine that your study is closed to enrollment; data collection and analysis are complete; and you have no subjects in follow-up.
Step 2: Complete the Final Report form located on our IRB Forms page
Step 3: Submit completed Final Report form to the IRB.