Frequently Asked Questions

Are there directions on how to use the system?

Training will occur via webinars and will be provided as each module comes on line. All users are encouraged to participate and will be provided with the dates and times of ongoing training.

How do I sign up and obtain a login to the system?

  • If you are an existing health system employee, a user profile based on data from human resources is preloaded into the system and your health system login is the login you use to access the ERA Portal.
  • For SIUH employees, sign in using the username used to access Employee Self Service (ESS) paychecks (this may differ from your statnet\username)
  • If you are not an existing health system employee and need a user login, contact

Who do I contact if I need a password reset or have other technical issues related to my computer?

Call the IT Help Desk at (516, 718, 631) 470-7272.

Who do I contact if I have technical issues related to the eRA portal?

Call the Research Information Services department at 516-562-0454.

How do I access the system?

To enter the eRA Portal, please click here.
Please note that you must be behind the Health System firewall to access the eRA portal.

Why can’t I access InfoEd from my home computer?

You must access the InfoEd eRA web portal from a computer that is behind the health system’s firewall. This can be accomplished off‐site using remote access programs provided by the IS help desk. For helpdesk support, please call (516, 718, 631) 470‐7272.