Environmental Health & Safety Office

The Environmental Health & Safety Office promotes safety for all staff and strives to mitigate environmental impact of the research performed at the Boas Marks Pavilion.

EH&S works to provide guidance and training, as well as develops new programs that allow Principal Investigators, researchers, staff and students to perform quality research while protecting them from potential hazards.

In addition, EH&S implements direct efforts toward compliance with health, safety and environmental laws and regulations within a responsible fiscal budget.

It is the position of the EH&S Office that safety is the responsibility of everyone who participates in activities within the Feinstein Institute for Medical Research to ensure a safe work environment. The responsibility for maintaining a safe work environment falls on everyone and is the pinnacle of all work established at the Feinstein.

In support of this mission statement EH&S is committed to:

  • Evaluating and overseeing the facility’s compliance of health and safety programs, policies and procedures through inspections, audits and monitoring.
  • Working with research administration, laboratories and facilities services to identify health, safety and environmental hazards and non-compliance and assist in resolving those areas.
  • Providing technical services and expertise to the research community.
  • Encouraging an open atmosphere for ideas, suggestions and reporting for a safe and healthy work environment.
  • Promoting ethical and responsible practices to safeguard the environment and natural resources.
  • Developing and implementing new programs to assure that the Feinstein Institute remains compliant with regulatory agencies and industry standards.
  • Maintaining required documentation to demonstrate regulatory compliance and responsible actions in health, safety and environmental affairs.
  • Assisting in emergency preparedness, response, and remediation activities.
  • Responding to and investigating environmental, health and safety concerns.

Contact the Environmental Health & Safety Office

Michelle Glover Brown
Facility Safety Manager
The Feinstein Institute for Medical Research
350 Community Drive
Manhasset, NY 11030
Phone: (516) 562-1003
Email: mgloverbro@northwell.edu

Victor Poon
Lab Safety Coordinator
Phone: (516) 562-1178/1050
Email: vpoon@northwell.edu

Miyuki Yoshida-Hay
Radiation Safety Officer
Phone: (516) 562-3895/2543
Email: myoshida-hay@northwell.edu

Eugenio Silvestrini
Radiation Safety Specialist/Asst. RSO
Phone: (516) 562-3895/2543
Email: esilvestr1@northwell.edu