IACUC Submission Instructions

New studies or renewals: complete an Animal Use Protocol Application.
Pre-consultation with the attending veterinarian is recommended.

Protocols are approved for a maximum 3-year period, subject to annual review. Once the term of approval expires, the study is effectively closed. If you wish to continue your studies, please submit a 1-2 page summary describing progress toward completion of the proposed studies along with a new protocol (at least 3 months before the term expiration date) outlining experiments to be performed in the next term.

How to submit new studies, renewal studies, and major amendments

Submit to submissions@northwell.edu. Submission deadline is Fridays at 12:00 pm.

Major Amendments: complete a Request to Modify Form and submit to submissions@northwell.edu. Pre-consultation with the Attending Veterinarian is recommended for MAJOR amendments.

How to submit minor amendments, and veterinary verification & consultation (VVC)

Minor Amendments: complete a Request to Modify Form and submit to iacuc@northwell.edu. Requests are processed upon receipt.

Veterinary Verification & Consultation (VVC): requires consultation with veterinarian. Submit Veterinary Verified Change (VVC) to ars@northwell.edu for IACUC approval.

To determine the classification of your modification, please refer to this table.