Scientific Cores

The following scientific cores are available to support your research:

BiorepositoryThe Boas Center Biorepository is a facility that process, stores, and
distributes human biological specimens for use in medical research.

Biostatistics Unit (BU): The BU provides state-of-the-art statistical and data
management support to the research investigators of Northwell Health, as well as
other medical research institutions in the New York area.

Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory (CSHL) Shared ResourcesCSHL offers our
investigators access to nine shared resources which facilitate research with
state-of-the-art technology and integral services.

Flow CytometryThe Flow Cytometry Core provides instrument support and
daily assistance to users for both research and clinical applications.

Laboratory Research Resources: The laboratory research resources provides
several core laboratory facilities and trains investigators in using these facilities.

Microscopy FacilityThe Light Microscopy Core Facility provides state of the art
optical imaging technologies that allow researchers to obtain information on the
impact of pathologies on these cellular features.

Contact the Scientific Cores Office

Rafael Gama, PhD
Director, Scientific Core services
Research Administration, Room 4145
Phone: (516) 562-0392

John Rocco Langone
Financial Analyst (RC-RI)
Finance, Room 4262C
Phone: (516) 562-0307