Market Size & Opportunities

Pharmaceuticals, personalized medicine, and medical devices represent in excess of a trillion dollar industry. In the US the average annual pharmaceutical bill is over $1,000 per person, drug spending is projected to top $1.3 trillion, and over 90% of American seniors rely on prescription medications. Based on this data alone, it’s clear that there is a tremendous opportunity in pharmaceutical alternatives.

Bioelectronic medicine has the potential to make significant inroads into some of the most costly and widespread diseases, and to do so without the side effects that so frequently accompany conventional medicines. Bioelectronic medicine also promises to address a range of diseases where drug options do not exist today.

The Feinstein Institute is focused on driving critical scientific advancements impacting bioelectronic medicine in a variety of critical areas including, but not limited to: data mining, cyber-security, nanotechnology, materials science, wireless medicine, man-machine interfaces, and electrical engineering.