Feinstein Institute researchers are making strides in advancing our understanding and treatment of several types of cancer, including breast and ovarian cancers, brain tumors, chronic lymphocytic leukemia, (pre-malignant) respiratory papillomas, osteogenic sarcomas, kidney, and prostate cancers. Studies are in place that focus on the discovery and validation of new biomarkers which may serve as targets for bioelectronic medicine in various cancers. By collaborating with other leaders within bioelectronic medicine, the Feinstein Institute is positioned to advance detection, diagnosis and monitoring of cancer. Our scientists are dedicated to the most vital areas of cancer research – clinical trials, basic research and translational research – in order to better understand cancer, and to find new paths for shaping and delivering the best, most effective cancer treatments. At the Feinstein Institute, the long term goal of our research is to understand how primary cancer cells turn into aggressive metastatic cells. This understanding will blaze the path to discoveries that lead to the development of therapeutic strategies for preventing tumors from spreading.

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