Health Outcomes Research

Dr. Alyson Myers Published in Current Diabetes Reviews.

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Our mission is to improve patient care, population health, and quality of healthcare through a coordinated focus on scientific discovery and assessments of outcomes and delivery.

Research that Changes Healthcare Today

The Health Outcomes Research Group conducts multidisciplinary research focused on patient-centered outcomes and health services research. Health Outcomes Research examines all levels of health care delivery, from patient-provider interactions to federal policy regulations, and contributes to developing clinical practice improvements, reducing disparities and healthcare costs, and shaping the delivery of healthcare.

We are translating scientific discoveries into clinical practice and leveraging technology to change healthcare today:

  • Integrating evidence-based tools at the point of care
  • Determining the most cost-effective medical services
  • Leveraging technology to improve patient-provider communication and shared decisions
  • Delivering culturally competent interventions to reduce health disparities
  • Using mobile technology to bring healthcare needs to patients’ home