Center for Research Informatics and Innovation

Leveraging electronic data and software applications to augment medical research

Our team is comprised of researchers and IT professionals who use electronic data, software applications and IT technologies to support and conduct research, education and improved clinical care. As part of this effort, we work with researchers and health care professionals to develop software applications that help guide patients through health decisions, allow doctors to remotely examine their patients as well as researchers to collect large amounts of data effectively and securely.

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Our main focus areas include:

The Research Administration Applications team oversees the core research information technology infrastructure that is comprised of a growing selection of products and services dedicated to supporting Northwell Health’s research community. We provide IT solutions designed to help investigators and administrative bodies that support research.

The Digital Health Innovations team focuses on custom application development for both research and clinical care. Web apps and mobile apps assist users with using existing smartphone technologies in clinical studies, symptom diagnosis and preventive care.

CRII supports Northwell Health researchers’ needs for HIPAA-compliant electronic data storage and management. We offer employees and their collaborators software & applications that help store and manage research and QI data securely.

The Research Data Analytics team provides researchers with population, patient-level and organizational data, analysis, decision support, and custom built database solutions.  The team serves a variety of people who participate in research, including physicians, lab scientists, and administrators. The team offers a variety of advanced data mining and predictive modeling services including big data mining, machine learning, and deep learning techniques.

The Research IT Infrastructure team oversees all aspects of IT infrastructure and IT security for research, collaborative tools, and applications and assess new technology. The team maintains a data center at the Feinstein Institute of Medical Research and servers on Northwell Health’s Enterprise Data Centers. The team is also responsible for our continued migration to cloud based resources.