OurHealth Project

At the Feinstein Institute for Medical Research, we share a singular focus of producing knowledge to treat disease. The discoveries we make cannot be found in the lab alone – our researchers need your help.

Ongoing advances in science and technology make it possible to explore the causes of disease at the genetic level. When you give permission for your blood, tissue, and health data to be stored for the OurHealth Project, you provide a resource that will enable scientists to study how the environment, lifestyle, and genetic variation are associated with particular diseases, treatments, and medical outcomes.

You can help by participating in the OurHealth Project study and allowing us to collect a small blood sample the next time your doctor orders a blood test. You can also provide access to any leftover tissue and blood samples that were collected at the time of clinical procedure(s) but are no longer needed for your clinical diagnosis.

We also ask you to allow us to access to your medical record to collect health information about you and store it in the OurHealth Project biorepository – a central location at the Feinstein Institute of Medical Research where your samples and health data will be stored to support future research. We may also contact you to ask questions relating to your health, to alert you of findings that may impact your health or that of your family members, or to offer you opportunities to participate in clinical trials that may improve your health.

We value your privacy and confidentiality. To ensure that you can’t be readily identified, we will de-identify your samples and health data by removing information such as your name, date of birth, medical record number, etc. and replacing it with a code. We will store your samples and data securely to prevent unauthorized access to your information.

With your help, this research will advance science and clinical care to support the communities we live in…the communities we work in…the communities we love.

How to Participate

Are you interested in learning more about the OurHealth Project? You can now provide consent from the comfort of your home. Contact our team to schedule a callback during a time that’s convenient for you.

Contact Us

For questions about participation, consent, or withdrawing from the study, contact:

The Northwell Health OurHealth Project
The Feinstein Institute for Medical Research
350 Manhasset Drive
Manhasset, NY 11030

(516) 562-GENE [4363] OurHealthProject@northwell.edu