ROSE: Research OutSmarts Endometriosis

You can help us learn more about endometriosis

A team of committed Feinstein Institute researchers and professionals are conducting the Research
Out-Smarts Endometriosis (ROSE)
study. The goal of the ROSE study is to investigate the causes
of endometriosis and bring improved diagnostics and treatments for women with endometriosis.

Approximately 5.5 million women and girls suffer from endometriosis in North America alone.
Endometriosis occurs when the endometrium, the tissue that lines the uterus and is shed every month,
grows outside of the uterus on other organs or structures in the body. Symptoms can range from
painful menstrual cramps to incapacitating abdominal and pelvic pain and infertility. While the severity
of endometriosis varies, the more extensive forms of the disorder can cause severe pain and disability.
In addition, approximately 40% of infertility is associated with endometriosis.

The ROSE study won the 2018 Innovation Challenge award for the potential diagnostic test using menstrual effluent (ME).

Current diagnosis relies on pelvic exams and ultrasound imaging coupled with laparoscopic surgery.
Women with more severe endometriosis often require surgical intervention to relieve symptoms and
it is not uncommon for a woman to require repeat surgery. Hormone treatments may be effective in
many women, but can have unpleasant side effects. Improved diagnostic methods and better
tolerated and more effective medical therapies are needed

Researchers involved in ROSE are using several approaches to study endometriosis. These include
efforts to better understand the genetic basis of the disease and relate this what is occurring at the
cellular level in the disease, with particular emphasis on the role of stem cells and the immune system.

Women both living with and living without endometriosis can participate in the ROSE study to help us find answers for those who are suffering.  Click here to learn more about how to get involved.

For additional information, please contact us at or (516) 562-ENDO (3636).


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