Breast Cancer & Alcohol
Source: WLNY-News 55

Female Co-Anchor: For years, the American Cancer Society has supported moderate red wine consumption in warding off coronary problems, but in your health news tonight, a new study shows that for many women, that may not be such a good idea.

Christina Regnault, Reporter: And we Women who are light drinkers have a higher risk of breast cancer, that according to a new nurses’ health study, which followed more than 100,000 nurses in the US for the last three decades.

Dr. Jane Carleton, North Shore LIJ Health System: What they noticed in this study was that there was a slightly higher incidence of breast cancer in women who consumed alcohol. The thing that was different in this study was they said even small amounts does have an impact.

Christina Regnault: Researchers found women who had just 3-6 drinks a week regardless of the type of alcohol raised their risk for breast cancer by about 15%.

Dr. Jane Carleton: It was approximately a 10% increase for every seven glasses of alcohol per week, so if you have one drink per day, there’s a 10% increase; if you have two drinks per day, there’s a 20% increase.

Christina Regnault: Dr. Carleton stresses that alcohol alone does not cause breast cancer; she says it has to be an accumulation of things throughout someone’s life.

Dr. Jane Carleton: I think sometimes what happens is there’s that sense of, “oh, I must do this, or I must not do that.” But really, it’s more being aware that each—everything you eat, everything you drink, has an impact on your body.

Christina Regnault: Christina Regnault, TV 10/55 News.