Feinstein Institute B-1 Cell Research Published in a Special Issue of Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences

Manhasset, NY – Proceedings of the Merinoff World Congress 2014: B-1 Cell Development and Function, hosted by The Feinstein Institute for Medical Research, were recently published in a special volume of the Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences.

The 2014 Merinoff World Congress was the first international conference focused on B-1 cell biology held in more than 20 years. Scientists participated in a collaborative environment to exchange ideas, present results and engage in discussions focused on recent discoveries in B-1 cell biology. More than 150 investigators participated in the meeting and more than 50 abstracts were displayed. The event’s scientific advisory committee co-chair and Feinstein Institute Investigator Thomas L. Rothstein, MD, PhD gave the first address, which reviewed the history and background of B-1 cells. Other organizers were Feinstein Institute Scientist Nichol E. Holodick, PhD, and Stanford University investigators Drs. Lee A. Herzenberg and Eliver Ghosn. To view presentations made at the event, click here.

“We were very excited to gather research leaders in B-1 cells together and to host productive conversations among them,” notes Dr. Rothstein. “We were very honored that the New York Academy of Sciences published a special volume about the results that were presented at this meeting. It is becoming clear that B-1 cells are important in understanding and treating a host of diseases, so it is vital that we share information and build the foundation for further progress.

Dr. Rothstein leads the Feinstein Institute’s Immunobiology Laboratory and heads the Center for Oncology and Cell Biology. His laboratory team aims to elucidate the role and function of B lymphocytes in health and disease. Recent work has focused on B-1 cells, a unique B lymphocyte subset that produces “natural” antibody and regulates T-cell activity. Natural antibody is the subject of a related volume in Frontiers in Immunology, co-edited by Dr. Holodick of The Feinstein Institute and Dr. Ana Maria Hernandez of the Center for Molecular Immunology in Havana.

To view the Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences; Volume 1362 B-1 Cell Development and Function and its articles, click here.

To view and interact in the Frontiers in Immunology Special Topic: Natural Antibodies in Health and Disease, click here.

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