Office for Civil Rights Fines Feinstein Institute As a Result of Stolen Laptop

Manhasset, NY The Feinstein Institute for Medical Research has reached a voluntary settlement with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) resolving the theft of an unencrypted password-protected laptop containing research study information in 2012.

Subsequent to the theft in 2012, the Feinstein Institute worked diligently to take corrective measures, which included communicating with participants whose information was on the laptop, providing credit monitoring and establishing a dedicated call center to ensure that participants receive accurate personal information about their data, and implementing a five-part corrective and preventative action plan to increase 1) training and oversight, 2) policy enhancement, 3) deployment of additional technical safeguards, 4) analysis of security posture, and 5) disciplinary action in the Feinstein Institute community.

To date, there have not been reports of unauthorized access to or use of the information on the stolen laptop and no harm to the research participants as a result of the theft.

The Feinstein Institute greatly values the commitment of research participants to advance discoveries that improve the health of our community. As such, we took very seriously implementing corrective action over the last few years to ensure a safe and protected environment for research.

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