Testimonials about the Biotech Center

“The Brain Tumor Biotech Center represents an important step in getting the best minds
together to fight this devastating group of diseases. The people involved in this center
will help to advance our understanding of brain cancer and this could be highly relevant
for a host of other neurological and oncologic diseases.”
Congressman Patrick Kennedy – One Mind for Research

“The Brain Tumor Biotech Center team has a proven track record of translating cutting-edge
science into clinical-stage drug candidates. It will add significant value to companies
developing promising new therapies for patients with brain cancer.”
Bruce Leuchter, MD – Director, Healthcare Investment Banking, Credit Suisse

“The Brain Tumor Biotech Center’s medical advisory board composed of international leaders
in neurooncology will provide important guidance and leadership for academic researchers
and biotech companies who need critical input into drug development, and monitoring and
oversight of clinical trials. This novel interface between academia and industry should hasten
the translation of biomedical discovery into novel drugs for our patients.”
Henry Friedman, MD – Deputy Director, The Preston Robert Tisch Brain Tumor Center at Duke

“Dr. Boockvar and the Brain Tumor Biotech Center helped our company do preclinical work so
that we can more quickly move our vaccine into our patients with glioblastoma.”
Eric K. Rowinsky, MD – Chief Medical Officer, Stemline Therapeutics, Inc.

“Small biotech companies that I analyze often need an entity like the Brain Tumor Biotech Center
to help with regulatory work or clinical trial design. With 2,100 clinical trials under their
oversight, the Feinstein Institute has the expertise and resources to help many of these
companies do this more quickly and successfully. Analysts and investors really like this.”
Mark Schoenebaum – Senior Managing Director, Biotechnology & Pharmaceuticals, ISI Group

“The Brain Tumor Biotech Center at the Feinstein Institute is a new concept in the fight against brain
cancer. It brings together the experts in the field to work together on this fight; breaking down the barriers
to progress that has been slowing down the process. It will surely speed up the search for more
effective therapies for this dreadful disease.”
Al Musella, DPM – President and Founder,
Musella Foundation For Brain Tumor Research & Information, Inc.

“The Brain Tumor Biotech Center helps academic researchers like myself align with biotech
companies to move our novel ideas into clinical practice.This has been an often ignored relationship
until these entities were started. The Center will continue to foster these important relationships.”
Michael Lim, MD – Director of Brain Tumor Immunotherapy, Johns Hopkins Medicine

“On a consistent basis, Dr. Boockvar and his team have exhibited a commitment to brain tumor
patients, their families and their caregivers. Our company has collaborated with them via the
Brain Tumor Biotech Center and have found their drive, expertise and knowledge, to be unparalleled.
We look forward to the Brain Tumor Biotech Center’s continued efforts to bring needed therapies
to this important patient population.”
Sil Lutkewitte – President, Targepeutics, Inc.

“The Brain Tumor Biotech Center at Feinstein allows investors like myself to interact, vet and
follow company’s progress as they move products to market. The Institute is exceptional at
helping to overcome beurocratic hurtles and significantly lessens the time it takes companies
to cross the translational gap. From an investors perspective, this is exceedingly important.”
Desh Govender – Cedar Lane Enterprises

“Our company recently signed on with the Biotech Center to more rapidly develop a compound of
interest for the treatment of Glioblastoma. The speed and professionalism of the organization in
moving the process along was spectacular and was superior to what is normally seen in standard
large academic medical centers. Whether signing confidentiality agreements, material transfer
agreements, scientific research agreements or more complicated partnerships and alliances, the
Feinstein Institute has proven to our public company that it is the right partner for us to more
quickly and efficiently take our important product to market.”
David Brown – Chief Scientific Officer, Novogen