Cell Signaling

Cell signaling is a form of communication that controls basic cellular activities and coordinates cell actions. Development, tissue repair and immunity, as well as normal tissue maintenance, depend on how well the cells interpret and/or respond to what is happening to or around the body. If cellular information is not processed correctly, diseases can result. By better understanding cell signaling, diseases may be treated more effectively.

Feinstein Institute researchers are conducting cell signaling studies in a variety of areas that include developmental erythropoiesis (red blood cells formation), heart disease, B lymphocyte (antibody producing cell) function, regulation of human papillomavirus (HPV) infection, and tumor invasion and survival.

Feinstein Institute investigators conducting cell signaling research include Lionel BlancHaixiang Liang; Rosamaria RuggieriBettie M. SteinbergMarc Symons and Ping Wang.