Diabetes is a group of diseases characterized by high levels of blood sugar in the body that is caused either by lack of insulin production by the pancreas or by the body’s inability to process the insulin produced by the pancreas. If diabetes is not treated, it can cause many complications such as heart, kidney, circulation, and vision problems. Unfortunately, many times diabetes is not caught early, and the high sugar levels in the blood have already damaged cells all over the body and this cannot be healed.

Feinstein Institute researchers are studying ways to implement earlier diagnosis to prevent or reduce the damage caused by abnormal blood sugar levels. In addition, researchers are studying how some diabetes symptoms are caused by bacteria that exist in the gut.

Principal investigators studying diabetes include Yousef Al-AbedValentin A. PavlovJesse RothRobert A. Silverman; Kim R. Simpfendorfer and Phyllis W. Speiser.