Other Academic Programs

Molecular Medicine Journal Club

The Journal Club for graduate students (physicians, physicians-in-training, scientists-in-training) will expose students to all areas of biomedical research through critical reading of recently published research papers. Click here for more information.

Visiting Professor Lecture Series

The Visiting Professor Lecture Series is for all faculty, students, fellows, trainees, and scientific staff of the Elmezzi Graduate School of Molecular Medicine, the Feinstein Institute, as well as physicians/clinicians of Northwell Health. Click here for more information.

Feinstein Institute Scientific Retreats

Retreats are hosted twice a year. Scientific abstracts are submitted, and presented as either talks or posters. All graduate students are expected to submit an abstract each year.

Workshop on Grantsmanship

Organizer: Dr. Bettie Steinberg

This workshop is conducted annually in two sessions, held on successive weeks. Each session is 2.5 hrs in length. Students will be required to attend the workshop each year. Topics covered include Identifying Appropriate Funding Sources, Structure of a grant, Writing the Grant, and Pitfalls and Problems. Attendees submit a Specific Aims page for evaluation in the second session.

Participation should enable students to identify potential ideas that are suitable for grant development, learn the basics of grant writing and begin to learn the art of “grantsmanship”.

Match Distinguished Visiting Scientist Day

Each year, an outstanding scientist is invited to attend the Institute for a day. This visit includes a lecture and meetings with small groups of scientists and the graduate students. Click here to view upcoming Feinstein Institute events.