Visiting Professor Lecture Series

Course Leader

Nicholas Chiorazzi, MD

Academic Schedule

This course is held during the fall/early winter and late winter/spring semesters every year (students attend every semester); meets weekly for 1 hour.


There are no prerequisites for this class.

Overall purpose/objective

The Visiting Professor Lecture Series is for all faculty, students, fellows, trainees, and scientific staff of the Elmezzi Graduate School of Molecular Medicine, the Feinstein Institute, as well as physicians/clinicians of Northwell Health. Attendance and participation will expose students and attendees, to all areas of biomedical research presented by prominent scientists and clinicians in various fields of research, including (but not limited to): neurology/neuroscience, immunology, oncology, metabolism, and genetics. The purpose of these seminars is to invite experts in their field to share their current research with members of the Elmezzi School of Molecular Medicine and the Feinstein Institute.

Class conduct

Each week, an invited guest who is an expert in their field of biomedical research presents their research. Seminars are followed by a 10min question/answer period.

Through attendance and participation in the Investigative Seminar Series, students will be able to:

  • Evaluate current biomedical research
  • Describe standard and novel methods used for scientific investigation
  • Assess the implications of the research on human health and disease pathogenesis


Attendance (via sign-in) and participation in the seminar series are mandatory (at least 70% attendance is required to receive a passing grade).

Assessment: Students will be assessed based on their attendance and participation.


Students are encouraged to read relevant research papers published by invited scientists. In addition, students are encouraged to present research papers by guest speakers at the weekly Journal Club sessions.