Format A – Written as a single overall presentation

i.) Introduction: The Dissertation begins with a scholarly introduction (Chapter I). This section should include a historical review of the area of research followed by a critical evaluation of the current status of the field. The student should then present working hypotheses and give an introduction to the system and the thesis research. The student should consult with his or her mentor in order to agree upon how extensive a historical review is appropriate to the Dissertation.

ii.) Methods and Materials: The protocols and procedures used in the Dissertation studies should be presented in sufficient detail to allowreproduction of the experiments (Chapter II). A Dissertation provides an appropriate vehicle for experimental details that might be omitted from journal articles due to space limitations.

iii.) Results and Discussion: Chapters Ill …n of the Dissertation should present the results of the conducted studies followed by a discussion of their significance. The format for these chapters should follow that in the suggested manual of style or of a highly respected scientific journal, mutually agreed upon by the student and the mentor.

iv.) Conclusions: The Dissertation should end with a general discussion of the studies that have been conducted including an assessment of the significance of the research, arguments of interpretation, evaluation of material included in appendices, and a plan for the experimental resolution of unanswered questions.