PREP Course #20: Common Misconceptions or Errors in the Statistical Interpretation of Research Studies – Part 2

  • Interpretation of a Non-Significant Result
  • Increasing Sample Size Leads to Better Results
  • Within Group Difference vs. Between Groups Difference
  • Multiple Testing
  • Interim Analysis can be Biased
  • Ignoring Clustering Effects
  • Misconceptions of Non-Parametric Tests
  • Handling of Missing Data
  • Ignoring Regression to the Mean
  • Regression Plots without the Data Points
  • Randomization Failed
  • Ignoring Confirmation Bias
  • Creating an Optimal Cut Point
  • Assumption of Linearity in Most Statistical Methods
  • Association vs Causation
  • Stratification is not Subgroup Analysis
  • Matching is not Always Appropriate
  • Clinical vs Statistical Significance
  • Misinterpretation of Confidence Intervals
  • Underutilizaton of Confidence Intervals
  • Doing-it-Yourself Without Attention to Assumptions
  • Removal of Outlier
  • P-Value Reporting Bias
  • Excluding Subjects Based on Outcomes
  • Use of EMR Data


As a result of attending this session, attendees will be able to:

  • Identify common sources of misconceptions or errors in the statistical interpretation of research studies
  • Understand the effect of these errors on research conclusions
  • Avoid making such errors and to correct such errors, when possible
  • Appreciate when a statistical consultation is warranted


Martin Lesser, PhD, EMT-CC,
AVP, Director,
Joanna Fishbein, MPH
Biostatistics Unit


The Public Research Education Program (PREP) is a series of courses developed by various research support offices in conjunction with other health system offices. The courses offer CME credits and are designed to increase quality of research throughout the health system and streamline the process of conducting research.

PREP courses also aim to enhance and expand investigator capacity to conduct research. PREP courses are free and open to all Northwell Health employees, students, and volunteers. In addition, interested research collaborators and community partners are welcome to attend. Registration is required.

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