Inflammation is a protective process that the body engages in response to harmful stimuli (like damaged cells or something the body comes into contact with that causes disease). Inflammation is necessary for maintaining good health and without it wounds and infections would never heal. However, persistent and constant inflammation can damage tissue and organs, and lead to diseases.

Feinstein Institute researchers are studying a variety of diseases associated with inflammation. These include autoimmune diseases (when the immune system attacks normal body components) such as Lupus and Arthritis, septic shock (caused by excessive inflammation), cancer and several conditions caused by inflammation induced damage of organs like the heart, the lungs and the spinal cord.

Feinstein Institute investigators conducting inflammation research include Yousef Al-AbedOna E. BloomVincent R. BonaguraNicholas ChiorazziAnne DavidsonBetty DiamondRichard Alan FurieDaniel A. GrandePeter K. GregersenGloria Y.F. HoPatricio T. HuertaJared M. HustonAnnette T. LeeShu Fang LiuChristine MetzRaj K. NarayanValentin A. PavlovBarbara SherryBettie M. SteinbergPravin C. SinghalMarc SymonsKevin J. TraceyHaichao Wang and Ping Wang.