Merinoff Symposia

The Merinoff Symposia provide a forum for health care professionals such as physicians, nurses and researchers to gather for two days to discuss a disease state with the intention of discovering innovations for immediate improvement in patient care.

Organizations representing research, clinical practice, healthcare management and patient advocacy are invited to co-host the symposium. These groups craft the agenda and identify a message of hope along with a call to action to implement these achievable advancements in care. Together, they choose which stakeholders from government, philanthropy and media are invited to join the effort.

In the video above, leaders from across the patient care continuum gather at the 2013 Merinoff Symposium on Parkinson’s disease.

“The Merinoff Symposium is like no other meeting and has really helped attendees open our eyes. We [clinicians] are so often focused to the point of tunnel vision…Now we are hearing about a global vision…If we are going to make a difference, we have to broaden the base and get talented people from various backgrounds and expertise involved. The Merinoff Symposium is successful at doing this.”

–Niranjan “Tex” Kissoon, MD, 2010 Merinoff Symposium attendee