2013 Merinoff Symposium: Parkinson’s disease

The 2013 Merinoff Symposium highlighted the opportunities and obstacles to enhancing care and expanding access to care for Parkinson’s disease patients through the employment of telemedicine.

Leaders from across the patient care continuum – nurses, physicians, researchers and others in the healthcare industry, as well as patients, patient caregivers, policymakers and philanthropists – gathered at the 2013 Merinoff Symposium to examine the vexing clinical problems from a global context. Working through this interdisciplinary, collaborative symposium, stakeholders identify near-term solutions to improve the quality of care, and to establish defined programs to improve patient outcomes.

Speakers and panelists from a variety of constituencies attended, but were not limited to the following: researchers, neurologists/movement disorder specialists, allied care providers, healthcare administrators, patients, philanthropists, policy makers, and more.