Administrative Services

The following administrative services are available to support your research:

Animal Research Program (ARP): The ARP supports and facilitates the
ethical and safe conduct of animal-based biomedical and behavioral
research throughout Northwell Health.

Clinical Trials Office (CTO): The CTO is the central support office for
clinical research and provides solutions to develop and implement
clinical trials across Northwell Health.

Environmental Health & Safety Office: The safety office provides guidance
and oversight by developing programs which allow investigators, researchers
and staff to perform quality research.

Grants Management Office (GMO): The GMO promotes and provides
access to extramural funding for health system projects and programs.

Human Research Protection Program (HRPP): The HRPP promotes and
facilitates the ethical and safe conduct of research with human subjects.

Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC): The IBC is responsible for the
review and oversight of research involving biological agents conducted at
Northwell Health.

Office of Research Compliance (ORC): The ORC provides comprehensive
regulatory guidance to the research community and oversight of research
throughout Northwell Health to ensure the responsible conduct of research.

Research Information Systems (RIS): RIS provides technical tools,
services and support.

Research Policy and Training (RPT): RPT evaluates and manages the
development, maintenance and delivery of policies and associated training
related to research.

Technology Transfer: Tech Transfer works with investigators to facilitate
the patent protection and further development of technologies developed
by our staff.