Center for Comparative Physiology (CCP)

The CCP Mission

We are committed to the highest level of animal care and quality service in order to facilitate quality research that leads to the cure of disease in both humans and animals.

The CCP Facility

The Center for Comparative Physiology (CCP) is the main animal facility for the Feinstein Institute for Medical Research (FIMR). The Center provides housing for various species of animals with dedicated husbandry services. In addition to housing and husbandry, the CCP provides veterinary clinical, technical and diagnostic services and education and training of research personnel. The CCP veterinary technicians are available to provide investigators with research and procedural support in anesthesia, surgery, necropsy, breeding, and other veterinary technical procedures.

The laboratory animal facility at the FIMR is managed by the CCP. The CCP staff includes a department director, facility supervisors, training specialist, veterinary technicians and animal care technicians. An attending veterinarian oversees the animal care program. CCP personnel are responsible for cage wash services, animal purchasing and arrivals, environmental enrichment, routine and emergency veterinary care, health surveillance of colonies, coordination of rodent outgoing shipments and management of the rodent quarantine program. The animal facility, under the Animal Research Program at the FIMR, has been accredited by the Association for the Assessment and Accreditation of Laboratory Animal Care, International (AAALAC) since 1997.

The following are mandatory requirements to receive card access to the CCP. These components must be met prior to card access being granted:

  • Approved Animal Protocol or Approved Amendment
  • Employee Health Program and Animal Research Program Clearance
  • Facility Orientation and Tour
  • Animal Training

CCP Training

In addition to the mandatory animal participation program requirements of the Animal Welfare Office, the CCP Training Specialist provides training specific for procedures in approved protocols. This may consist of videos, power point, or hands-on animal training. Topics include:

  • Aseptic Surgical Techniques
  • Post-Operative Care of Animals
  • Rodent Breeding Techniques
  • Necropsy and Tissue Collection
  • Isoflurane Anesthesia
  • Waste Anesthetic Gas and Allergen Awareness
  • Euthanasia Methods
  • Handling, Restraint, Injection and Blood Withdrawal Methods
  • Anesthesia Administration and Monitoring
  • Analgesia Administration and Monitoring (veterinarian available to discuss medication choice)

Click here for CCP forms and guidelines.

CCP Contact Information

CCP Director: 516-562-0430
CCP Supervisor: 516-562-0397/516-562-0395
CCP Training Specialist: 516-562-0396
CCP Animal Care and Veterinary Technical staff: 516-562-1061
If the veterinarian needs to be contacted, please contact any CCP staff member for assistance.