Program Participation Requirements


Requirements must be completed prior to requesting facility access, training, and participation in an animal research study. When program participation requirements are completed, the principal investigator must contact the Animal Welfare Office to request to add personnel to an approved experimental protocol. Once personnel are cleared by the Animal Welfare Office facility access and training can be requested. To avoid delays in approvals and initiation of participation in animal use activities, complete requirements prior to the submission of protocols or amendments for IACUC consideration. It is the participant’s responsibility to maintain ongoing compliance with these requirements.

Enrollment in Occupational Health & Safety Program

All individuals participating in animal based research must enroll in the Occupational Health & Safety Program. This includes initial pre-placement medical evaluation and annual assessment. Clearance from Employee Health Services (EHS) must be obtained prior to participating.

Employees, Visiting Scientists, Visiting Scholars, and Hofstra School of Medicine Students: Submit an Initial Health Questionnaire – Individuals Engaged in the Care and Use of Research Animals. To maintain ongoing program compliance, submit an Annual Health Questionnaire – Individuals Engaged in the Care and Use of Research Animals. Forms are to be submitted to

Students (non-Hofstra School of Medicine): Subject to the same program participation requirements as regular employees. Students who are not enrolled in the Hofstra School of Medicine program must complete a Health Questionnaire – Students Engaged in the Care and Use of Research Animals, in consultation with their primary care physician. Submit the physician attestation page only to the Animal Welfare Office at upon receiving clearance to participate from primary care physician. 

Regulatory Training (CITI Program)

All individuals involved in animal care and use must be appropriately qualified to perform their duties and conduct proposed activities. Northwell Health uses the Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI) web based training program. If you have not utilized CITI before, create a new account by visiting Your affiliation is “Northwell Health.” Under “My Learner Tools for Northwell Health” click on “Add a Course.” Answer all the questions to be automatically enrolled into the required courses. For more information on accessing the CITI Program, click here.

Laboratory Animal Allergy Awareness and Prevention Training

All individuals participating in animal based research must complete the Laboratory Animal Allergy Awareness and Prevention iLearn module. If you are identified as participating in animal based research, the Animal Welfare Office will enroll you in this course. Alternatively, you may self enroll at any time. Course must be completed prior to gaining facility access and working with animals. Note: This is a one-time requirement.


External Interest Disclosure (COI) Note: This is an annual requirement.

Mandatory Site Safety Training (Chemical, Fire, Biological) Note: This is an annual requirement.