Submission Instructions

Where to get started?

Complete an Animal Use Protocol Application. Consultation with a program veterinarian or Animal Welfare Office (AWO) representative is encouraged prior to submission. Consider the Animal Care and Use Guidelines and SOPs when developing your submissions. These guidelines have been established to provide guidance and standards of animal care and use. Deviation from these guidelines requires scientific justification.

Submit to:

New or Renewal Protocol (Submission deadline is Fridays at 12:00 pm.)

New Protocol (Original Submission): Complete an Animal Use Protocol Application

Renewal protocols: complete an Animal Use Protocol Application for de novo review and submit with a 1-2 page summary describing progress made in the previous term of approval towards the completion of the proposed studies.

Significant changes to studies

Complete a Request to Modify Form.

Option 1: Significant changes by Administrative Processing

Option 2:  Significant changes by Veterinary Verification & Consultation (VVC)

Option 3: Significant changes by Full Committee Review (FCR) or Designated Member Review (DMR)

Changes classified under Options 1 and 2 are handled administratively without additional IACUC review or notification. No deadline-rolling submission.

Changes classified under Option 3 requires IACUC review. Submission deadline is Fridays at 12:00 pm.


To add new personnel to an experimental protocol or to modify responsibilities of established personnel, complete and submit a Request to Modify Form. To avoid delays in approvals and initiation of participation in animal use activities, ensure program participation requirements are completed prior to the submission of protocols or amendments. It is the participant’s responsibility to maintain ongoing compliance with these requirements.


Protocols are approved for a maximum 3-year period. Once the term of approval expires, the study is effectively closed. To continue studies, submission of renewal protocol for de novo review is required (at least 3 months prior to the term expiration date). IACUC review and approval must be obtained prior to initiation of study.


Specific questions or concerns should be directed to the Animal Welfare Office. General questions can also be submitted to the