Submission Instructions & Forms

Where to get started?

Complete a Registration/Risk Assessment, and SOP.  Consultation with a Biosafety representative is highly encouraged prior to submission. Contact the Research Environmental Health & Safety Office (EH&S).

Contact: Raymond Pica
Office: (516) 562-1186


How and what to submit?

Submit forms, questions, requests to



  • Clinical IBC Registration Form
  • Clinical Risk Assessment
  • SOP (required for BSL2 and above)
  • Post Exposure Procedure Form (General) (if applicable)
  • Post Exposure Procedure Form (LentiVirus) (if applicable)
  • Facility/Room Posting (required for BSL2 and above)
  • Investigators Brochure (if applicable)
  • Informed Consent(s), and any other supporting documents (if applicable)

How to Add New Personnel or Amend Responsibilities of Personnel?

To add new personnel to an approved registration, submit an Administrative Change Request Form. This form may also be used to amend or add responsibilities of previously approved personnel. Program participation requirements must be completed prior to request.