Research Using Controlled Substances


If your animal, human or laboratory-based research study involves the use of controlled substances, you must ensure that you follow the research policy and process posted on the Northwell Health Intranet. Click on this link, Northwell Health Research Policies, and scroll down to Section : Use of Investigational Products, Biological Agents, and Radiation in Research to view the following policy and attachment:

  • GR050 – Use of Controlled Substances in Research
  • Authorized User Screening Form

(Note: You may be prompted for your Northwell Health username and password to access the Policies tab)


Prior to starting your research, you must do the following:

  1. Read the Northwell Health research policy on the use of controlled substances in research.
  2. Ensure you have appropriate security and storage for the substances to be used. Note that requirements may vary depending on the schedule of drug to be used.  Additional security measures such as cameras or room access card readers may need to be budgeted and installed.
  3. Obtain the appropriate IND, IRB/IACUC approval, New York State research licensure AND DEA registration.
  4. Screen and authorize individuals appropriately for their delegated tasks and inform them of their responsibilities.
  5. Ensure that delegated individuals will follow record keeping requirements and documentation is clear and auditable.

Please contact the Office of Research Compliance if you have any questions.