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REDCap (Research Electronic Data Capture)

The Feinstein Institute is now hosting the research data management application, REDCap (Research Electronic Data Capture). REDCap is a secure web based application developed by Vanderbilt University, and is now available for use among the Northwell Health research community.  REDCap allows users to build and manage online surveys and databases quickly and securely, and can be utilized for a specific clinical trial or study being conducted by a researcher.

Access to REDCap

If you are a researcher at Northwell Health and would like to use REDCap for your clinical research project, please click on this link to request access to this application (under “Name of Application you wish access to” select “REDCap” from the drop-down menu).  Click here for a video that shows you how to request access to REDCap through Healthport.

Training and Information

Monthly training at Center for Learning and Innovation with both REDCap Overview and Intermediate classes. Sign on to iLearn and search for “REDCap” to see upcoming class dates and times for both Overview and Intermediate classes.

Click here for Online Training Videos (accessible only with a REDCap account)
Click here for Help & FAQ section (accessible only with a REDCap account)

 Additional REDCap Services

The following services are available from RIS for your REDCap projects at a cost of $60-$100/hr.

  • Database development
  • Data migration from existing database/spreadsheet into REDCap
  • Advanced functionality require programmer services
  • Integration with external devices (e.g. FitBit)
  • Integration with external systems
  • API (Application Program Interface)
  • Plugins
  • DDP (Dynamic Data Pull)
  • DTS (Data Transfer Service)

Contact Lara Lechtenberg to discuss additional REDCap services from RIS.

Templates for IRB Protocols and Grants

Read the following REDCap resource materials

Click here to view REDCap frequently asked questions.

Questions about REDCap? Contact:
Lara Lechtenberg, MPH