Injury & Illness Reporting Forms

All Laboratory occurrences (injuries, incidents) must be reported. This includes, but not limited to the following:

• Fire
• Explosions
• Large hazardous material spills
• Serious injuries (e.g. burn, laceration, falls)
• Laboratory-acquired infections
• Exposure to hazardous materials, including biohazardous materials
• Incidents that have a potential to cause serious injury or harm

The following forms must be used to report accidents involving an injury, illness or exposure to chemical, biological or radiological materials (via inhalation, splash, or other accident):

Employee Workplace Injury/Illness Incident Reporting

Follow the instruction from the link below for completing the Employee Workplace Injury/Illness Incident report.

Click here to download the Employee Workplace Injury/Illness Incident report.

Occurrence Report Form

The Feinstein Occurrence Reporting form should be used for recording and reporting Occurrences involving unusual events (e.g. loss of power, security issues, fire/false alarms) and reporting injuries/illness for Visitors, Visiting Scholars, Students, Visiting Scientist, Patients, and Vendors.

Click here to download the Occurence Report Form