Toe protecting cushion device

Description: Approximately 60 million people in the US suffer from hammer toe, representing 20% of the population.

The major shortcoming of current non-surgical options for treating hammer toe and other painful foot conditions is that hammer toe relief devices are fabricated from solid materials and therefore have a fixed structure.  Even if these devices have been molded to the foot exactly, they still are inadequate because the foot changes contours continuously during the course of the day. Working with Dr. Gordon Berg, a leading podiatrist, Dr. Jesse Roth of the Feinstein Institute has developed a patent-pending apparatus to address current issues with non-surgical hammer toe relief devices.

The Toe Pillow® invention solves these issues by combining a flexible material with a novel dual-pillow design.  The device comprises two independent cylindrical pillows that move freely as the patient walks, allowing the device to maintain optimal positioning relative to the affected toes. Friction between the connected straps keeps the device in place during movement.

The pillows are made of resilient foam that molds to the contours of the patient’s forefoot while worn but regains its shape upon removal.  This material allows for both comfort and consistent utility.

The foam cores of each Toe Pillow® are encased in breathable mesh that wicks away moisture, further increasing comfort for the patient.

Area of Application: Podiatry

Lead Investigator: Jesse Roth, MD and Gordon Berg, DPM

Patent Info: US Patent Pending

Licensing Contact:
Kirk R. Manogue, PhD
Director, Office of Technology Transfer

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