Twist lock interference screw

Description: The Twist Lock Interference Screw (TLIS) aims to offer orthopedic surgeons a stable, precise, low-friction, low-stress fixation device that will prevent damage to the graft ligaments during insertion and will be resistant to loosening following surgery.

Features and Benefits:

Ease of Fixation: Allows fixation of graft without opposing forces common to current screws, thereby preserving the desired tension of the graft, particularly at the tibial end.

Less Torque: The screw’s novel, patent-pending design and surgical method allow for a surgeon to insert the screw in a pre-made slot, thereby greatly diminishing the installation torque typically encountered when inserting a bone anchor.

Less Thread Friction: The screw’s design makes for significantly simpler installation relative to leading screws on the market. By merely turning the screw one 90° turn to secure the graft, the threads on the Asnis screw encounter minimal friction

Area of Application: Sports Medicine, Orthopedics

Lead Investigators:

Stanley Asnis, MD
Chairman Emeritus and Chief of Adult Recon at Northwell Health

Dr. Peter Asnis, MD,
Massachusetts General Hospital, Sports Medicine surgeon at Mass General, Head Team Physician to the Boston Bruins, and Head Orthopedist to the Boston Red Sox

Patent Info: US Patent Pending Publication No. 2014-0194937A1

Licensing Contact:

Kirk R. Manogue, PhD
Vice President, Office of Technology Transfer

125 Community Drive
Manhasset, New York 11021
Phone: (516) 465-2733