Twist lock interference screw

Description: The Twist Lock Interference Screw (TLIS) aims to offer orthopedic surgeons a stable, precise, low-friction, low-stress fixation device that will prevent damage to the graft ligaments during insertion and will be resistant to loosening following surgery.

Features and Benefits:

Ease of Fixation: Allows fixation of graft without opposing forces common to current screws, thereby preserving the desired tension of the graft, particularly at the tibial end.

Less Torque: The screw’s novel, patent-pending design and surgical method allow for a surgeon to insert the screw in a pre-made slot, thereby greatly diminishing the installation torque typically encountered when inserting a bone anchor.

Less Thread Friction: The screw’s design makes for significantly simpler installation relative to leading screws on the market. By merely turning the screw one 90° turn to secure the graft, the threads on the Asnis screw encounter minimal friction

Area of Application: Sports Medicine, Orthopedics

Lead Investigators:

Stanley Asnis, MD
Chairman Emeritus and Chief of Adult Recon at Northwell Health

Patent Info: US Patent No. 2014-0194937A1

Licensing Contact:
Kirk R. Manogue, PhD
Director, Office of Technology Transfer

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Manhasset, New York 11030
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