Flexible spirally-rolled polymer tube for monitoring and treatment of brain injuries

Description: The monitoring of intracranial pressure has been the standard of care in the management of traumatic brain injuries. However, elevated intracranial pressure is a rather late-stage indicator of a patient’s status and probable outcome. There is a need in the industry to both monitor brain function and improve the ability to monitor such parameters in real time.

This flexible spirally-rolled tube is designed for brain function monitoring in patients with Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBIs), with the option of removing and delivering substances to the brain as required. The device offers a novel approach to monitoring brain function, by monitoring parameters including cerebral blood flow and oxygen and glucose content in brain tissue.

The advantages that are proposed over existing approaches include:

  • A less invasive device that requires a single hole in place of multiple holes to monitor the brain function and remove and deliver substances
  • The diameter of the tube can be contracted or expanded to safely lie within intracranial and intravascular locations
  • The use of a single device is potentially less expensive and less complicated when compared with the use of multiple individual sensors
  • The tube can provide both focal (brain tissue) and global (CSF/blood) information, which is an improvement over the cerebral micro dialysis (MD) technique that is limited to focal neurochemical information
  • The spirally-rolled micro channels of the tube have the potential to allow convection enhanced and targeted drug delivery to be realized

Area of Application: In vivo monitoring and treatment of traumatic brain injuries.

Lead Investigator: Raj Narayan, MD, Chair, Department of Neurosurgery;  Chunyan Li, PhD, Assistant Investigator

Patent Info: US Patent No. 8,628,493, Issued January 14, 2014

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