We’re Hiring

Join our team to revolutionize medicine. The Center for Bioelectronic Medicine is recruiting for positions in the fields of neurophysiology, neural engineering, microfabrication, bioelectronics and biosensing, and neural decoding and data analytics.

Recent hires include: Timir Datta-Chaudhuri, PhD; Bin Fan, PhDTodd Levy, BS, MS; Loren Rieth, PhDHarbaljit Singh Sohal, PhD; Margo Straka, PhD; Stavros Zanos, MD, PhD; and Theodoros P. Zanos, PhD.

Recruits will work as part of a multidisciplinary team to determine the nature of neural control over molecular, cellular and organ functions of the body, the parts of the brain that regulate those nerves, and the signals that the brain receives to monitor cell and organ function. Projects will focus on determining which nerve fibers exert control, the types of signals those fibers use, and how these signals can be manipulated to treat diseases and conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis, paralysis, Crohn’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, diabetes, cancer and others. For more information on our research programs, please email us at CBEM@northwell.edu.

The Center for Bioelectronic Medicine has several open positions, including:

Neurophysiology Laboratory

Investigator Post-Doctoral Research Trainee | Research Assistant

As Investigator and Division Leader, you will oversee the development, integration and administration of the research programs for the Division of Neurophysiology in the Center for Bioelectronic Medicine. You will conduct research, and direct and implement financial and strategic planning activities. To apply, please follow the links above.

Translational Neurophysiology Laboratory

Senior Staff Scientist | Staff Scientist | Post-Doctoral Research Trainee | Research Assistant

We are seeking research assistants, post-doctoral researchers, staff scientists and senior staff scientists to work full-time in neurophysiology, cardiovascular physiology and bioelectronic medicine research projects. The lab utilizes a variety of techniques from neurophysiology and cardiovascular physiology, chronic implants, experimental surgical and interventional techniques, and bioelectronic systems for closed-loop neural recording and stimulation, both in health and in disease models.

Individuals applying for these positions should have experience in porcine or nonhuman primate neurophysiology or cardiovascular physiology research.  Experience with chronic implants, human neuro/cardiovascular physiology and analysis of physiological data is desired. To apply, please follow the links above.

Pre-Clinical Laboratory

Post-Doctoral Research Trainee | Research Assistant

We are seeking research assistants and post-doctoral researchers to perform a variety of independent activities involved in planning, organizing and conducting research studies. Successful candidates will participate in the coordination of sharing information, lending assistance, and solving problems with other team members.  To apply, please follow the links above.

As a member of the Pre-Clinical team, you will focus on micro-fabricating the next generation of chronic neural interfaces (electrical, optical, etc.) and pioneering  development of preclinical disease models for understanding long-term disease progression and treatment in bioelectronic medicine. Diseases include Rheumatoid arthritis, sepsis, diabetes, Crohn’s disease, Colitis, etc. To apply, please follow the links above.

Bioelectronics and Biosensing Laboratory

Investigator | Senior Staff Scientist | Senior Electrical Engineer
Assistant Investigator | Staff ScientistElectrical Engineer Research Assistant

As a member of the Bioelectronics and Biosensing Team, you will focus on low-noise recording instrumentation and multichannel stimulation and sensing. You will work on the design, development and fabrication of circuits and apply their expertise to neuromodulation, neurostimulation and neural recording experiments. To apply, please follow the links above.

Biomedical Science Laboratory

Post-Doctoral Research Trainee

We are seeking driven individuals to join a newly funded research program on investigating the role of ascending and descending neural pathways in the control of adaptive immune function. The research focus of the lab is to develop nerve-stimulating technologies to regulate the molecular targets underlying disease.

As a member of the Biomedical Science Team, candidates will hold a PhD or MD/PhD with electrophysiology skills. Candidates are expected to have strong skills in major biochemistry and cell biology techniques, animal handling, primary cultures and quantitative data analysis. A strong immunology background, experience with animal surgery, molecular biology, and microscopy is an asset. The fellow will interact with a wide range of researchers in a dynamic and productive environment, bridging basic science with clinical research. To apply, please follow the link above.

Microfabrication Laboratory

Investigator | Senior Staff Scientist | Senior Electrical Engineer
Assistant Investigator | Staff Scientist | Electrical Engineer

As a member of the Microfabrication Team, you will develop neural electrodes (for neural stimulation and sensing), specialized MEMs devices and sensors to detect bio-markers, enzymes, electrochemical changes and sensors with “lab-on-a-chip” functionality. You will exhibit expertise about clean room facilities and capabilities, as well as thin film processes. To apply, please follow the links above.

Neural Bypass and BCI Laboratory (Paralysis)

Assistant Investigator | Electrical Engineer | Research Assistant

As a member of the Neural Bypass Team, you will develop technology that bypasses damaged areas of the nervous system using machine learning and data analytics methods along with neurostimulation. You will exhibit expertise in brain-computer interface technology, neural implants, signal decoding, neural mapping, neuromuscular stimulation and epidural stimulation. To apply, please follow the links above.

Neural Decoding and Data Analytics Laboratory

Investigator | Assistant Investigator Staff Scientist | Electrical Engineer  Post-Doctoral Research Trainee

As a member of the Neural Decoding and Data Analytics Team, you will focus on signal processing, machine learning methods for neural decoding, numerical modeling of neural circuits and closed-loop stimulation. To apply, please follow the links above.