Research Informatics and Innovation

Leveraging electronic data and software applications to augment medical research

Our team is comprised of researchers and IT professionals who use electronic data, software applications and IT technologies to support and conduct research, education and improved clinical care. As part of this effort, we work with researchers and health care professionals to develop software applications that help guide patients through health decisions, allow doctors to remotely examine their patients as well as researchers to collect large amounts of data effectively and securely.

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Our main focus areas include:

Clinical Research Informatics: provides Electronic Data Capture (EDC) applications such as REDCap, HIPAA-compliant Survey Monkey, HIPAA-compliant Sharepoint, and other tools to help our investigators capture sensitive study data in a secure and compliant way.

IT Security and Compliance: focuses on IT security, compliance and non-standard hardware and software needed in the research space. We have a centralized process for vetting systems and provide guidance and support related to IT infrastructure needs. We provide tools and applications ideal for data capture, data storage and data sharing needs.

Research Data Analytics: provides our researchers with population, patient-level and organizational data, analysis, decision support, and custom built database solutions. Large databases from medical records hold great promise for medical research. Using Reporting Services we also provide variety of ad hoc and standard reports to our researchers.