MapYourHealth Program

The MapYourHealth program is a Northwell Health initiative that offers every patient the opportunity to transform the field of Precision Medicine.

Precision Medicine is a new, more personalized, approach to medical care, combining information on your lifestyle, environment, and genetics to develop treatments that target the unique needs of each patient as an individual by understanding human diversity.

By joining the MapYourHealth Program, you’ll help develop the next generation of health care for you, your family, and the community.

Every Northwell Health patient can participate.  All you will need to do is allow us to collect a small sample of blood during your next scheduled appointment for the MapYourHealth Program.  Your health data will remain secure and confidential.

In thanks for your participation, you will have the option to receive your ancestry results explaining your genetic origins, free of charge.

You can join us to shape the future of health care.  A future where medicine is focused on you!

We looking forward to hearing from you soon and welcoming you to the MapYourHealth Program – where Diversity Drives Discovery.

How to Participate

Are you interested in learning more about the MapYourHealth Program? You can now provide consent from the comfort of your home. Contact our team to schedule a callback during a time that’s convenient for you.

Contact Us

For questions about participation, consent, or withdrawing from the study, contact:

MapYourHealth Program
The Northwell Health
The Feinstein Institute for Medical Research
350 Manhasset Drive
Manhasset, NY 11030

(516) 562-GENE [4363]