Merinoff World Congress 2014

The Merinoff World Congress 2014: B-1 Cell Development and Function provided a collaborative environment for scientists to exchange ideas, present results, and participate in illuminating discussions focused on B-1 cell biology. Oral presentations, dedicated discussion periods, and poster sessions will be held in a small setting to help facilitate the interaction of all participants.


Abstract Submission

The Merinoff World Congress 2014: B-1 Cell Development and Function accepted abstracts from members of the FIMR community. All abstracts must be formatted according to the following instructions.

General Instructions:
 Cite all figures and tables in text. Cite all references in text using numbers thus [1]. 
Define all abbreviations. 
Present all data with units. The total length of the abstract (names, affiliations, text, tables and figures) must not exceed 3000 characters (approximately 250 words).

Submitted abstracts will be examined by members of the Scientific Committee, and the submitting author of an accepted abstract will be notified of acceptance or rejection by email. Accepted abstracts must be presented in the form of posters at the Merionff World Congress 2014: B-1 Cell Development and Function and will be published, as submitted, in a supplement issue of Molecular Medicine. They will also be available on the Molecular Medicine website ( Please note that the presenter of a poster MUST complete normal registration formalities.